3 June 2024

IFS associate Edin Mujagić employed at investment fund Hoofbosch

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10 January 2024

Van der Sluis Groep realises refinancing and expands bank financing facilities

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14 December 2023

Ruiten Foodpack realises refinancing & expands bank financing facilities

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1 December 2023

Integrated Finance Solutions (IFS) guides ecotank through the management participation and financing process

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Edin Mujagić together with economist Boot in daily opinion column on macroeconomics on BNR

We are pleased to announce that Edin Mujagić can be heard in the daily column at BNR from Monday 5 September 2022 just after noon. "Edin Mujagić's strength lies in using forgotten lessons from economic history to make sense of the present and economic policy intentions," reads the announcement. Follow the link to BNR's information here.
Edin is relentless in his efforts to explain these macroeconomic lessons in a very understandable way in his many books, lectures, talks, as part of the parliamentary finance committee, in interviews and numerous other expressions. 'Being a guide through the wonderful world of economics on the country's leading economic channel, what more fun could there be for a macroeconomist?" said Edin in the excerpt.

Edin Mujagić (born 1977, Bosnia-Herzegovina) is a macro and monetary economist, speaker and publicist. His publications include 'Ten Years of the Euro: biography of a young world currency' (2009), 'Money murder: how central banks destroy our money' (2012) and 'Fascinating and capitvating: a monetary history of the Netherlands since 1814/1816' (2016).

Exclusively for IFS clients, Edin publishes Economic Perspectives®, a fortnightly publication based on the regular meetings of the European Central Bank (ECB) and the US Federal Reserve (Fed). 

Your questions answered
If you have any questions about economic developments, want to discuss specific issues in more detail with Edin, or you would like to discuss the implications of developments and expectations for your business, please contact us to arrange a personal meeting with Edin on +31 (0)30-7602110 or via this email address.

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