31 August 2023

Joosten Groep realises refinancing & expansion of existing bank financing facilities

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1 May 2023

IFS accompanies Zalmhuys Group with refinancing & expansion of the existing bank financing facilities

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28 February 2023

IFS assists Dayseaday in refinancing, broadening existing bank financing facilities & new house bank

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2 September 2022

Edin Mujagić together with economist Boot in daily opinion column on macroeconomics on BNR

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Shipyard Reimerswaal finalises financing for working capital expansion, bank guarantees and share buyout

In October 2021 Shipyard Reimerswaal, under the guidance of IFS, successfully completed the realisation of a working capital increase and the financing for both bank guarantees and buy-out of shares, with house bank ABN Amro. As the result, Shipyard Reimerswaal will be able to achieve its intended growth and expansion.

Shipyard Reimerswaal
Founded in 1985, Shipyard Reimerswaal was located directly on the Westerschelde until 1998, carrying out a wide range of repairs for the region. In 1990, a branch was opened on the canal running through Zuid-Beveland, where subsequently all work was concentrated on dry docks. In 2017, the company expanded even further with the addition of a 350-metre long repair quay on deep water and the realisation of a 120 by 22-metre dry dock and modern shipyard on the Quarleshaven in Vlissingen-Oost.

Shipyard Reimerswaal is characterised as a modern and versatile company that applies sustainability and has been active for decades in the area of maintenance, repair, refitting and conversion of ships within the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England and Scandinavia. One of the core activities of Shipyard Reimerswaal is the periodic maintenance of ships, in accordance with the specifications of class bureaus such as Lloyds, DNV.GL, Det Norske Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping etc.; Intermediate and Special Survey. Reimerswaal has a very diverse client portfolio such as the dredging industry, offshore, tugs, passenger ships, merchant shipping, tankers, special ships, pontoons and workboats.
Its location on the busy Westerschelde estuary makes Reimerswaal the number one service station on route to Vlissingen, Terneuzen, Ghent, Rotterdam and Antwerp, where all high-profile renovations and port repairs in this region are carried out. Emergency repairs elsewhere in the country are carried out by Reimerswaal as well.

The aforementioned additional working capital financing and financing for bank guarantees will support the growth strategy for the near future.

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