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10 January 2024

Van der Sluis Groep realises refinancing and expands bank financing facilities

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Joosten Groep realises refinancing & expansion of existing bank financing facilities

In August 2023, Joosten Groep successfully completed the process of refinancing, working capital financing and financing for the purpose of bank guarantees and placed it with house bank ING Bank. With this financing, Joosten Group will be able to implement its growth ambitions, which include the purchase of new business premises and the roll-out of production facilities on an international scale. In addition, further sustainability will be achieved, through a unique recycling system for the reuse of semi-finished plastic products. Integrated Finance Solutions (IFS) advised and guided Joosten Group throughout the refinancing process.

Joosten Groep
Joosten Groep was founded as a family business in 1991 by Jan and Willem Joosten in Gendt. After expanding with branches in Delft, Beverwijk and Goes, the new premises in Bemmel became the home base in 2016 as the central logistics warehouse for all branches, with 48,000m3 of warehouse space, 16,000m2 of outdoor area and 700m2 of office space. Thanks in part to the merger of several sister companies, the company has now grown into a modern, versatile and renowned supplier of complete plastic solutions for civil engineering. Among other things, geotechnical and 'water control' measures are applied for the civil engineering sector, the green business and (semi) government. Today, Joosten Groep has both a very extensive product range and a very strong brand name.

Joosten Groep has a strong differentiation from its competitors. On the one hand, as a one-stop-shop, it offers customers a total solution in circular, climate-adaptive products, and on the other hand, Joosten Groep benefits from a highly efficient distribution process. Thanks to a strong market position in various sectors, Joosten Group is able to realise synergies by, among other things, offering a single total solution by connecting the challenges at play in different submarkets. In the field of piping systems, Joosten Groep is the third largest party in the Netherlands and also has access to an extensive and fine-meshed distribution network, which enables the distribution of products within 24 hours. Joosten Groep is an informal company with a flat organisational structure and short lines of communication. It has a highly focused and experienced management team with a proven track record and expertise in the relevant sectors.

With the refinancing, increased working capital, bank guarantees & capex financing, Joosten Groep will be able to realise its growth ambitions for the coming years and consolidate and expand its strong name and market position.

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