28 March 2018

Bosman van Zaal / Green Innovators concludes real estate financing and extended working capital facility with new partner bank

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23 March 2018

Den Hartogh Logistics selects global cash management bank

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12 February 2018

Van Dorp Group concludes negotiations on refinancing, new acquisition facility and extended working capital financing

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7 February 2018

Van der Kroon Food Products extends financing, assisted by IFS

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Bosman van Zaal / Green Innovators concludes real estate financing and extended working capital facility with new partner bank

Per March 26, 2018, Green Innovators have concluded a finance arrangement for the construction of a brand new location at the Green Park in Aalsmeer (NL). In addition to the real estate financing, the overall € 16 million arrangement also includes an extension of the current working capital- and guaranty facility. New partner bank Rabobank herewith expresses its trust in and support to the strategic ambitions of the company.

For the design of the financing structure itself, as well as the selection and negotiating process, Green Innovators was advised and supported by Integrated Finance Solutions (IFS).

Green Innovators
The Green Innovators Group, founded in 2016, consists of Dutch innovators that complement each other and contribute to the development of global crop production. Combined, these companies are regarded as international players in research, design, manufacturing, supply and maintenance of controlled environment facilities for the production of various crops.
• Bosman van Zaal (Aalsmeer & De Kwakel) manufactures green houses, water- electric and climate installations and logistic cultivation systems,
• Montera Techniek (Pijnacker) delivers electric- and water systems,
• Indigo Logistics (Barendrecht) offers software solutions for greenhouses and professional nurseries, and
• Createch (De Kwakel) offers robotica and packaging machines to the food- and horticulture industry.
In 2017 the company realised an annual turnover of more than € 52 mln.

Green Innovators was in the process of considering a new location which would allow for combined production of the various products and services offered by company, thus facilitating the company’s growth in the most efficient way. These plans gained momentum by autumn 2017, after a large fire in May 2017 destroyed the plant in De Kwakel. It is then that the company decided to use the possibilities that opened up at Green Park Aalsmeer and to reap upon the opportunity to accelerate and establish a combined production location and new head offices in Aalsmeer.

An extensive selection process to which the various Dutch banks participated resulted in the selection of a new partner bank. The finance arrangement provided by Rabobank enables the company to build and finish the construction of the new production facility and head offices by the end of 2018 and will facilitate the expected and rapid growth of the affiliated companies.

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